our-pilots-love-to-fly-you-spectaculair-charter-clearwater-floridaPrivate Charters

Our charter flights cover the whole of East Coast. Choose your destination and let us have the privilege to fly you there in comfort and style.

comfortable-luxurious-cabin-relax-cessna-414a-spectaculair-charter-clearwater-floridaCompany Shuttle Service

Ideal for companies or individuals traveling the Nantucket and Hyannis or Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard routes on a regular basis.

shared-private-air-charters-economical-spectaculair-charter-clearwater-floridaShared Charters

Can’t afford a private flight? Try this one. Share a ride with friends or other travelers who have the same travel needs. Call us for more info.

air-cargo-air-courier-service-provided-spectaculair-charter-clearwater-floridaAir Cargo / Air Courier

We can assist you with transporting time-sensitive equipment or documents to their destination with utmost care.

pet-air-taxi-transportation-spectaculair-charter-clearwater-floridaPet Air Taxi

Missing your furry pets and want to reunite? Let us handle their transportation needs and fly them with care.


SpectaculAir Charter is FAA Certified Part 135 operator. Our highly competent pilots are regularly trained under the strictest supervision by FAA Authorized Personnel. Our motto is always — Safety First!

Our Fleet

Our fleet consists of the multiple Cessna (Piston/multi-engine) airplanes which are known for its comfort and safety. These airplanes are ideal for short or medium range charters and can hold a good amount of luggage in the wing compartments. The cabins are pressurized and climate controlled for passenger comfort. These airplanes also offer exceptional take-off and landing views with it’s wide side windows. Amenities include on-board lavatory, refreshment center and additional options which ensure that you arrive refreshed and ready to pursue business or pleasure at your destination.


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