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With over 25 years of experience starting from Herb Cabral’s Ocean Wings, our reputation as a premier air charter company in New England and the East Coast is well-known. We fly to more than 5,000 regional airports.

Our exceptional service is tailored specifically to your needs, be it business or pleasure. To this end, our goal is to fly you to your destination hassle-free, in the shortest possible time with the friendliest air staff at your service.

SpectaculAir is standing by to fly you to your business or travel destination!
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Why Charter

Chartering your own flight is the way to go! Flying private has never been easier and cheaper! Many people wonder what advantages there are to a Private Charter as opposed to flying commercial. The real benefits of booking a Private Charter are:

  • Convenience — With over 5,000 airports to choose from, your departure location can be very close to your point of origin and it also provides a way to land much closer to your destination. Also, without the restrictions and hassles of commercial regulations, you can fly with your musical instruments, golf club and pets. This is as close to door-to-door delivery you’re going to find!
  • Efficiency — When you are flying a private charter, you can drive right to the terminal, arrive a few minutes before your departure time, fly direct to your destination and use the on-board time for work production or relaxation.
  • No Stress Travel — On our Private Charters, there are no long ticket lines, no security lines, x-ray machines or luggage searches. You also know you will not miss a transfer or experience a delay in arriving at your destination. And lost, stolen or damaged luggage is not even a possibility – it’s there when you are!
  • You Are Always Priority Boarding — Since you get to set your own time of departure, after you meet and greet your pilot, you will be flown right away to your destination. No more waiting for your number to be called to board.
  • Flexibility — The flexibility of flying a Private Charter is unparalleled. We can be ready to fly you in a few hours notice and will wait if you’re running behind schedule. If you need to travel to multiple destinations in a day or need to make in-flight adjustments to your itinerary, no problem, we can accommodate!

Private Air Charter affords you the luxury of focusing your mind on what you want it to be on — an important business presentation or the many exciting adventures that await you, your family and friends at your vacation destination.

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